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ORION-MC Computer



The ORION-MC is the communication interface between the horticulture computer and the IO units in the field, for example the H1MC. The ORION-MC communicates through the CAN-local bus with the IO units. The ORION receives the control commands from the horticulture computer and converts this into control commands to the IO units through the CAN-local bus.

With the ORION-MC it is possible to create motor groups to control the aeration and screens. Several motors can be assigned to each motor group. For example: the climate computer controls with a climate group through the ORION-MAC the aeration at the sheltered side of a separation. The ORION-MC controls through the IO units all aeration motors that belong to that climate group exactly to the desired position and reports this back to the climate computer.

It is also possible to assign with the ORION-MC motor groups for different controls so as to control the aeration and the screens such as sequential or simultaneous run, two screens on a wire bed, post-pulse control on the screens and frequency-controlled controls for aeration and screen.

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