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- Model 500 & 600 - Gas Chromatograp Analyser



The ORTHOSmart Gas Chromatograph is the new generation of analysers using the Orthodyne Plug & Play philosophy. This detector offers more features than any other type. It is an alternative to the existing FID technology. Our OrthoSmart Gas Chromatograph measures a full range of impurities in different gases through 'ADED' technology (argon plasma).

The OrthoSmart Gas Chromatograph is an analyser configured for the application requested. The quantity of valves, columns and detectors are fitted to meet the performances asked.

The valves and columns are used to drive each impurity one by one to the detectors.The detector is composed of an argon plasma emission cell with several photoreceptive sensors to measure traces of H2, O2, N2, CH4, CO, CO2 and NMHC in Argon.

The carrier gas (argon) passes through the detection chamber and is submitted to an intense electromagnetic field created between two electrodes by a high frequency generator. Under these conditions, the plasma generated emits light. The emitted spectrum is modified by impurities passing through the cell and these variations are monitored by the photoreceptive sensors specifically selected for the impurities requested. The different signals are fed to high resolution analog to digital converters. The digitalized signals are used to quantify the concentration of each impurity and the results are displayed by the interface software.

OrthoSmart Gas Chromatograph - 500

Process Line

This new line 500 has been designed for stand alone operation. Easy configuration and quick start-up make this new system ideal for process gas analysis.

In addition to its user-friendly interface (touch screen display), the new line 500 has its own chromatographic software that allows the concentration of each impurity to be displayed directly. Moreover, the new line 500 can be remotely controlled through Ethernet or Internet.

OrthoSmart Gas Chromatograph - 600

Laboratory Line

The new line 600 has been designed for working with Chromdyne software on a computer. It make this new system ideal for laboratory process gas analysis. Moreover, the new line 600 can be remotely controlled through Ethernet or Internet.

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