- Model SP109 - Heavy Duty Electronic Weighing Scales



A growing number of sheep farmers see the benefits of regularly weighing their flock to assess performance and also ensure lambs are at target weights, without getting over fat. Factories are demanding very specific weights and going beyond them has no benefits.

In View:

  • Completely mobile heavy duty scales.
  • Capacity 300kg (weighs to 0.2kg accuracy).
  • Operator works from a single standing position – sheep entry and exit are controlled from the same position and you can also view the digital indicator.
  • Digital indicator – large screen; stainless steel clock working on rechargeable battery (100hrs).
  • Uniquely works on both level and uneven terrain (suitable for outdoor penning systems).
  • Aluminium chequered plate floor.
  • Accommodates both young and mature sheep.
  • Two spray-can holders for added convenience.
  • Fully galvanised.
  • Grant aided.
  • Nationwide delivery.

Know the performance of your flock to help make key management decisions in an informed and timely fashion.


  • Suits all sheep sizes
  • No mechanism, works an all surfaces
  • Easy to use accurate electronic clock
  • Heavy duty design
  • Exit gate opens easily from behind the sheep
  • Handle for ease of transport
  • Fitted with weigh can holder
  • Nationwide delivery

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