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Mascara Renewable Water

- Model BW - Solar Brackish Water Modular Desalination Unit


Photovoltaic desalination technology by reverse osmosis, without battery, developed by Mascara Renewable Water allows desalination of brackish water, which salinity is lower than seawater, at between 3 and 7 grams of salt / liter of water. This water is generally extracted from aquifers through drilling a borehole. These units dedicated to brackish water produce between 20 m3 and 500 m3 per day of fresh drinking water. Modular, the OSMOSUN® BW units desalinate up to 5,000 m3 per day as a standalone, off grid installation.

  • TDS brackish water: 5 to 7 g/liter
  • TDS concentrate: depend of the water analysis
  • TDS permeate: < 0,5 g/liter

This unique technology has been designed for isolated areas, with a concern for maximum simplicity, and autonomy provided only by the affordable solar energy available anywhere. The characteristics of desalination units OSMOSUN®BW simplify the construction of a project with a good adaptation to the needs of remote areas:

  • Very low specific consumption
  • Desalination by solar energy is very respectful of the environment by the absence of CO2 emission
  • A conversion rate of 75%, equivalent to 75 liters of fresh water per 100 liters of water pumped.
  • Maintenance design and monitoring: OSMOSUN® units, fully automatic, guarantee 20 years of production with very low recurring costs in the most remote areas.

The OSMOSUN® brackish water desalination units, similarly to the OSMOSUN® seawater desalination units, can also be connected to alternative sources of electricity for 24 hours production and not only during 8 to 10 hours of sunshine.

Though involving an electricity bill for night water production, the OSMOSUN® hybrid operation makes it possible to triple the daily production of the same unit,

The economic forecast will determine the relevance of the hybrid powered feature, defining which mode produced the lowest water costs.

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