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- Model ADCON A753 addWAVE GPRS RTU - Compact Data Loggers With Integrated Cell Modem



A753 addWAVE GPRS is an enormously flexible RTU that can be deployed in a wide variety of applications, from agriculture to hydrographics to professional meteorology, from water quality to flood warning, from AMR (Automatic Meter Reading) to leak detection, from the monitoring of solar power to wind energy.

Like all ADCON RTUs the A753 addWAVE GPRS is a fully integrated unit: datalogger, cell modem and battery all together, fit into an extremely compact and robust aluminum case. In contrast to standard logger solutions this RTU does not need a separate enclosure, lots of wires to modem, battery and antenna, complicated setup to make the logger talk to the modem, etc. - this RTU is truly plug and play. Connect the sensors and your solar panel by simply screwing in a connector, insert your SIM card, program your PIN code (for security reasons) and the IP address of your A850 Telemetry Gateway - ready to go!

In combination with Adcon's ultra-low-power sensors this RTU also runs off an extra small solar panel, about the size of a sheet of paper in DIN A5. That not only reduces wind pressure a lot, it allows for a light installation and it usually keeps thieves away - it's just too small to be attractive.

Supporting many analog and digital sensors, lots of pulse counters and even TTL outputs, it can be expanded to far beyond 100 I/O channels, making it a truly universal RTU for all kinds of environmental monitoring tasks.

Main characteristics:

  • SDI-12 port: Integrated
  • Max. number of SDI-12 sensors: 40
  • Modbus option: yes
  • Analog resolution: 16-bit
  • Sensor excitation voltage: stabilized or battery voltage
  • Sampling methods: synchronous or asynchronous
  • Max. counter frequency:
    • 2 x 50 Hz
    • 2 x 500 Hz
  • Integrated wind gust monitor: yes
  • Rain intensity monitoring: yes
  • Integrated mV amplifier: yes
  • Data memory: 2MB (4MB optional)
  • Battery: internal; 6V 3100mA; NiMh
  • Case: aluminum, IP-67 rated

Device type: Compact data logger with integrated cell modem
Product highlights: IP-67; ultra-low-power design; WMO compliant measurement methods; high analog resolution; large integrated memory (2MB = ~ 6 months of 15-minute data)

Data transmission: GSM, GPRS; UMTS optional

Sensor interfaces: 12 x analog 0…1/2,5VDC (3 channels also support 0…150mV); 4 pulse counters (2x 500Hz fast counters / 2x 50Hz counters); 4 digital I/O's (expandable with A553 to up to 52 digital I/O's); 40 SDI-12 values; Modbus via adapter

For which applications is A753 particularly well suited? Here are a few examples:

It's easy to install and easy to maintain, yet very robust with low maintenance requirements. Compatible with all Adcon sensors it offers a lot of expansion options and is ideally suited to monitor diseases, evapotranspiration, soil moisture and temperature and other parameters.

Professional Weather Stations
The professional meteorologist expects his equipment to provide high resolution, wide temperature ranges, WMO compliant measurement methods, particularly for wind gust monitoring, lots of expansion options, lots of memory, flexible sampling intervalls, and more - all this and more are part of A753's feature set, its compact design and low price notwithstanding.

Environmental monitoring of water and air quality
Thanks to the SDI-12 sensor standard a large number of multi-parameter probes has surfaced on the market, especially such for monitoring up to 16 water quality parameters simultaneously. A753 supports up to 40 SDI-12 sensor values, and 12 additional analog channels for 0-1/2,5V output signals with 16-Bit resolution across the RTUs full operating temperature range.

Flood warning and rain intensity monitoring
Many countries require data loggers to store the date and time of each pulse of a rain gauge in order to accurately calculate rain intensity. A753 can do even more, and additionally store up to three analog values, read at the same time as the pulse, e.g. wind speed and direction.

Detecting pressure hammers in water distribution pipelines
Using the measuring method originally developed for wind gust monitoring it is now also very easy to detect pressure hammers, which can cause a lot of damage to pippelines. Reading pressure 4 times per second and calculating a 3-second average, the highest of which is stored and transmitted, it becomes easy to accurately spot when and where such a pressure hammer has occurred.

Other applications

  • Monitoring equipment with high frequency
  • Access control
  • Frost warning
  • Leak detection
  • Level metering in ground and surface water bodies
  • Soil moisture monitoring
  • and much much more

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