Omega Thermal Technologies, Inc. (OTT)

Omega Thermal Technologies, Inc. (OTT)

- Mobile Incineration Systems


Selected as sole source vendors, OTT designed, constructed and delvered in 2001 to the New Jersey State Police Bomb/Arson Unit a mobile incineration system capable of in situ destruction of ammunition, explosives and other harmful materials.  This approach provides the capability of remediating a dangerous situation without having to transport the toxic and hazardous materials.  This unit has performed efficiently to date with only routine maintenance required. It is permitted for operation by the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection.

Features of this unit are as follow:

  • destroys small arms ammunition up to 50 caliber, class 'C' deflagrating explosives, narcotics, drug lab seizures, toxic gas
  • compressor, generator and water storage on board
  • #2 oil or Diesel fuel capacity - 200 gallons
  • collapsible stack - over the road height 12 feet
  • primary and secondary combustion chamber refractory lined to withstand up to 3,000OF hot face
  • more than 2 seconds gas residence time in secondary combustion chamber at 1,800OF and at full capacity
  • dry bottom alkaline water quench and conditioning followed by alkaline fabric filtration for gas cleanup
  • toxic gas aspirator for RSP in confined space
  • explosion proof chemical pump for transfer of toxic and hazardous liquid to combustion chamber
  • safety interlocks and manual overrides for contingency operation
  • automatic temperature control
  • robot ready

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