OTT HydroMet

- 2-Way Logging Transmitter



The GPRSLink provides simple telemetry anywhere. GPRSLink has two purposes: (1) to collect and store data from meteorological and hydrological sensors, and (2) to send that data wirelessly to a central system, phone or other station. GPRSLink includes a quad band GSM cell phone modem that can operate when the unit is within range of a cell phone network of companies like AT&T and T‐Mobile. Sutron’s Multi-Sensor Input Logger plus flexible, economical 2-Way GPRSLink now has WiFi capability for complete station set-up & data access.

  • Features: WiFi, USB-Host, Cellular, Radio, Data Logger
  • Product highlights: GPRS Data logger with built-in Wifi for easy communication to the logger from the Sutron Mobile application
  • Sensor interfaces: SDI-12, RS485

  • Easy-to-use Software includes setup program.
  • Terminal strip with screw terminals for I/O and power connections
  • Operates 8-16VDC
  • TCXO real-time clock with battery backup (+/-4ppm)
  • Built-in solar panel regulator
  • Support for up to 16 measurements of the following inputs:
    • SDI-12/RS485 (shared as is done in the Bubbler)
    • 5 Analog inputs:
    • 1. Two (2) single ended inputs (range 0-5V)
    • 2. Two (2) differential inputs (range +/-39mv, +/-312mV, +/-2.5V) 3. One (1) 4-20mA input
    • 2 digital inputs. They can be used for tipping bucket, frequency, and on/off inputs
    • internal temperature
    • Battery voltage
  • Options to average or accumulate any measurement.
  • Lightning protection (Gas Tube) on all external inputs.
  • User specified equation on any measurement .
  • User specified alarm detection on any measurement.
  • 2 LED for verification/diagnostics.
  • Log capacity of 240K of data accessible via GPRS and direct connect
  • Switched Battery Output
  • Also operates as a standalone recorder without Telemetry
  • USB slave for serial connection to PC. THE USB PORT WILL NOT SUPPORT typical USB devices like memory sticks, modems, etc.
  • RealTime Clock operates with internal lifetime battery

Telemetry via GPRS

  • Periodic transmissions at user set times with data in user selectable format (pseudobinary B, C, SHEF & ASCII)
  • Support for primary and secondary master stations via GPRS
  • Alarm transmissions as they are detected.
  • Diagnostics to help track of the amount of data being sent and the performance of the telemetry
  • Support for remote commands for data collection, maintenance or control of two on/off devices
  • Optional authentication of incoming messages to insure they are from a trusted source & optional authentication of messages sent to SUTRONWIN via GPRS
  • SMS transmissions if GPRS fails or in place of GPRS
  • Extremely affordable
  • GPRS modems use wireless cellular technology and provide data access in most areas where a typical cell phone works.

  • Surface Water Level, Flow & Quality
  • Groundwater Level & Quality
  • Offshore X-Linking
  • Mining / Geotechnical
  • Weather X-Linking & Warning
  • Oceanic X-Linking & Warning
  • Oil & Gas Production
  • Any Low-Power, Remote Data Acquisition System

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