- Offshore Water Desalination System (OWD)


Offshore Water Desalination (OWD) has developed a mobile concept to provide drinking water directly from the offshore to onshore on FPO (Floating Production and Operation) system located a few Km from the mainland. Seawater would be processed on our vessel and pumped to onshore via a pipeline OWD concept to meet any standards for potable water in any country. Each vessel in our system can produce 5000 m³/hour or 125,000 m³/day. Using our BOO or BOT, project funding model, you can have your required water within 18 months; we take care of all financial burden and risks.

Refinery and petrochemical

Total industrial water use in the world is about 22%. OWD has developed a mobile concept to provide all industrial water for oil and gas industry for any refineries or petrochemical plants, and much more. Our concept has met all standards for industrial application within oil & gas segment, using Reverse Osmosis (RO) system. Our vessel can produce up to 5000 m³/hour demineralized water. Downstream in Oil and gas industry requires a high quality of water and OWD is providing it to near shore, close to your facility.

Power utilities & steel manufacturing

The power industry is working hard to provide electricity to the society or industry. OWD is contributing its share by providing them the required (up to 5000 m³/hour) water continuously to this industry, so they can produce electricity in the most efficient way and preserve their assets. A stable supply of water for cooling towers, heaters and boilers is vital for manufacturing and production. Our control and proper monitoring system on board is to ensure the desired results for the specified water are achieved with continuous monitoring and automatic control of pH in our system.


Reverse osmosis

OWD's concept is using seawater and processing it on the vessel to make clean and drinkable water supply, which complies with your standards. Then, the drinkable water would be pumped to the mainland via a 24’ pipeline (approximately 2-5 Km).

Our engineering team has used over 40 years’ offshore design experience and working with different systems and equipment utilized in the offshore industry with a high focus on the impact on environments. Hence, we know all the impacts and standards related to lifetime, challenges and designing for any offshore water desalination packages.

The most common form of desalination is Reverse Osmosis (RO), which involves forcing water through cartridges that contain thin-film composite polyamide membranes. RO is a widely-adopted process in filtration's salinity from seawater through membranes. Therefore, we have also adopted this concept.

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