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GENERATOR CHLORINE DIOXIDE Oxiperm PRO is a useful tool for water sterilization. The high germicidal power, high solubility, the ability oxidant and the effectiveness against biofilms make it particularly suitable chlorine dioxide for water disinfection. The use of chlorine dioxide has recommended in recent guidelines issued by leading experts hygienists and Italian health department. Compared to chlorine, in fact, it has the advantage of being more active against the biofilm, and was at least 10 times more effective against bacteria, algae, fungi, viruses.

The generator produces chlorine dioxide from diluted solutions of sodium chlorite (7.5%) and hydrochloric acid (9%). The compound thus produced is stored in an internal reservoir, and then introduced into the pipe by means of a pumping system.

four different models from different capacity, which produce, respectively, 5, 10 30 or 60 g / hr of chlorine dioxide are available. This capacity is sufficient for the treatment of 150 m³ of drinking water per hour at the maximum allowable concentration of 0.4 mg / l ClO2.

The Oxiperm PRO generator is suitable for various fields of use:

  • Contrast Legionella in building installations such as hospitals, nursing homes, hotels, sports facilities and schools.
  • Disinfection of drinking water in municipal plants for water treatment.
  • Treatment of irrigation water, for example. nurseries.
  • Treatment of process water in the food and beverage industry.
  • Treatment of cooling water.
  • Other possible applications: food and beverage industry, farming and viticulture, cooling towers and wastewater treatment.

  • Effectiveness against biofilm.
  • Continuous dosing and distribution of the product over the entire water system.
  • Small size and easy installation.
  • solidity of the structure, maximum operating reliability.
  • Possibility of remote control.
  • COST SAVINGS UP TO 40% compared to similar systems and up to 90% compared to the thermal disinfection.

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