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- Oxygen Analyzer System



Gasmet oxygen analyzer is designed for continuous oxygen measurement of wet or dry flue gas. This extractive analyzer is suitable for various industrial applications where reliable and accurate oxygen measurement is needed. The measurement is based on sensor technology with a ZrO2 sensor and a microprocessor unit. The analyzer can measure oxygen from less than 1 ppm to 25 vol-%. The oxygen analyzer can be integrated to the Gasmet EN 15267 certified Continuous Emission Monitoring System CEMS ll e and used in fully automatic mode. The analyzer is manufactured by our trusted partner, Enotec.

  • ZrO2 measuring principle
  • Manufactured by ENOTEC GmbH
  • TÜV approved in combination with the CX4000

General Parameters

  • Measuring principle: ZrO2 measuring cell
  • Detection limit: < 1 ppm O2
  • Response time: < 1 second
  • Sample gas temperature: 120 °C to 300 °C, non-condensing
  • Environmental temperature: -20 °C to +40 °C
  • Line voltage: 115 or 230 V / 50 -60 Hz
  • Reference gas: Instrument air, dew point less than –40 °C, no oil, about 30 l/h
  • Measuring gas: Dry or wet, no combustibles
  • Calibration gas: Instrument air as above or test gas from bottles

ZrO2 sensor and SME5 electronic board

  • Sensor material: 316 ss (1.4571)
  • Gas connection: 6 mm Swagelok
  • Gas flow: Minimum 0.1 l/min
  • Power consumption: 150 VA during heating, 60-100 VA continuously
  • Heater voltage: 48 VAC for ZrO2 sensor
  • Fuse requirement: 10 A
  • Measurement ranges: Two (2), key selectable, each from 0-2 % O2 to 0-25 % O2 programmable, other on request
  • Accuracy: +/-0.2 % of reading, maximum
  • Operation: With softkeys, menu-controlled self-explanatory
  • Display: LCD display LED illuminated 240 x 64 dots
  • Spectrum: Actual values, parameters, system functions, system status
  • Language: Germany and English
  • Alarm display: LED for alarm, fault and maintenance
  • O2 value memory: On/off by program during calibration the last O2 value kept in memory
  • System tests:
    • Thermocouple polarity
    • Data fault EEPROM
    • Electronic temperature
    • ZrO2 cell temperature
    • ZrO2 cell mV-value
    • Automatic start up with single point Calibration with air
  • Calibration: Single point with air, two point with air and test gas bottle
  • Analogue outputs: O2 measured value
  • 0/4-20 mA, active sourcing, DC-isolated
  • Digital output: Error status, maintenance, measuring range, measuring limit 1, measuring limit 2 (relay contact)


  • Material: Aluminium
  • Dimensions (mm): 177 * 483 * 400
  • Weight: 12 kg
  • TÜV approval: TÜV approved in combination with a multicomponent analyser CX4000
  • EMC tested: In accordance with EN50082-2, EN55011 Cl.B

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