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The ozone stations are reliable, versatile, cost effective ozone generators that are built to interface with a wide range of industrial applications. The units operate with 90% oxygen for high ozone production or with dry ambient air for lower ozone production.

The built in flow meter is used to control the amount of ozone produced. The ozone cell relies on water for cooling. It can be remotely controlled by an external signal from a device (Laundry machine, pump, sensors, etc.) to activate the ozone production. This wall mounted ozone generator is designed to be interrupted if any problem occurs such as a water or gas leak for safety. In addition, an emergency stop button is present for manual interruption. The units are completely self contained and come ready to produce and deliver ozone.

How does it work?

To make the ozone station work, there are three things needed. The first is access to 115 Vac to feed the electrical devices. Also, water is required for cooling with an access to a drain. The ozone station requires an oxygen concentrator to operate. An oxygen concentrator extracts the nitrogen of the air keeping only oxygen and feeds it to the inlet of the ozone station. For lower ozone concentration, it is possible to feed the ozone station with dry ambient air. To avoid creating harmful gases, it is important to make sure that the air fed is dry.

Before turning the ozone generator ON, the oxygen concentrator should be supplying oxygen and the water turned ON for cooling. Once the ozone station is ready to use, turn on the switch on the side of the box. This will activates the solenoid valve to let the water and gas enter the ozone cell. When the gas passes through the ozone cell, the flow meter can be adjusted to the required concentration needed depending on the application. The green light turns on when the ozone station is ON, the blue light turns on when ozone is being generated and a red light indicates trouble.

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