Ozone Solutions For Water



Water sterilization is recommended whenever drinking water is to be consumed, when retrieving water from a contaminated well or other sources, or any time surface water is treated prior to consumption. Ozone is the most effective water sterilizing method available today. The ozone is highly effective in destroying pathogens, and when its work is completed, it breaks down into oxygen (O2). This form of oxygen does not adversely affect the taste of the water. On the contrary, the added dissolved oxygen enhances the water's taste. Advantages include highly effective sterilization, no unpleasant tastes or odors, and no significant residual effect. Ozone does sterilize the bottle, and its residual effect continues sterilizing for a time. Lastly, the human body's dependence on water and the potentially serious consequences of consuming contaminated water should value the significance of this method of water sterilization.

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