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Ozone, one of the basic elements of nature, is a very powerful oxidizing gas. Consists of oxygen molecule with one additional oxygen atom. Its high bactericidal power is far superior to chlorine, and its rapid decomposition to oxygen has allowed it to adapt perfectly to the food industry, as leaves no undesirable by-products in the final product. It's widely used as a sanitizer of pipes and surfaces in various processes. This latter application has been very well accepted by industry as it minimizes the use of sanitizing chemicals and volume of water used.

Ease of production of ozone from air or oxygen by electrical discharges.                         

Ease of reaction with organic and inorganic compounds due to their high reactivity and reduction potential.                         

Ozone reduces the TOC, color, odor and turbidity of treated water.                         

Ozone oxidizes iron, manganese and sulfides.                         

One of the most efficient chemical disinfectants, as it requires a little time contact.                         

In bromine absence, are not formed DBPs.                         

Ozone is more effective than chlorine, chloramines and chlorine dioxide to inactivate virus, Cryptosporidium and Giardia.

Implementing field this technology is extensive, most common are:

Pharmaceutical industry.
Electronics industry.
Manufacture of food and drink.
Chemical Industry.
Agricultural and livestock industry.
Labs & cosmetics.
Water treatment for steam generators.
Water treatment for industrial processes.
Cooling towers.
Distilled water, double distilled and triple distilled.
Water for Injection (WFI).
Ice production.
Water purification.
Seawater desalination.
Recovery wastewater.

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