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Ozone water antibacterial sterilizer

The pursuit of healthy life is the eternal theme for people, but the pollution is doing great harm to human beings .Contaminated water, mainly from industrial wastewater, municipal sewage and the extensive use of fertilizers in agricultural land, can caused more than 60 kinds of diseases for it does not meet the health quality. Most people aware of the invisible killers:residual pesticide in vegetables and fruit, antibiotics and hormones in meat, but people can do nothing about them.

Based on the research for many years, the small household appliance Ozone Water Antibacterial Sterilizer was invented via advanced medical science and the latest ozone technology. It’s a broad-spectrum and high effective disinfection product, can strongly remove heavy metal ions, toxic residual pesticide, toxic inorganic and organic carcinogenic substance but will not form secondary pollution, is known as the Patron Saint of Health.

The gorgeous appearance of Kangzhen-medical CYS300C Ozone Water Antibacterial Sterilizer is unique and simple, full of wisdom. It can be applied in various kinds of sectors, like families, hospitals, hotels, restaurants, schools, kindergartens, banking offices, securities companies, recreation areas, manufactures, food processing industries, agriculture, fisheries, poultry raising and environmental protection.

Product Features

  • Large screen dynamic display, distinguished temperament.
  • Dual LCD display
  • Touch-Sensor button
  • Auto-induction start
  • Separation of water and electricity installation, ensuring safety
  • Circuit design of environment friendly, voltage range:100V - 250V
  • Automatic voltage regulation (AVR), produces right amount and stable ozone ions
  • Automatic detection and protection of high pressure
  • 5 memory concentration regulation function
  • Cellular strainer mixer, effectively mix water with ozone ions
  • Automatic cut-off, suspended to produce ozone ions after 10 minutes ’continued use, guaranteed there will not accumulate the excessively ozone ions in the air
  • Elegant design, easy installation

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