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- Model OZ-EE18G - Enamel Ozone Generator Tube for Water Treatment



Model: OZ-EE18G High ozone concentration enamel ozone generator tube.


Use enamel coating as internal electrode, stainless steel as external electrode, capacity of corona resistance and machinery anti-force capacity are stronger than glass, ceramic material. Uniformity air gap between enamel coating internal electrode and stainless stee l external electrode, it produces high concentration ozone output. It uses insulation materials for connections, for preventing creepage.

Cooling way

Water cooled for internal & external electrodes, effective prevent high temperature rising when the tube is discharging, for ensuring high ozone concentration output.

Adjustable ozone output: 20-100%.

Use high-frequency & Intelligent power supply inverse system, ozone output can be changed on demand to achieve accuracy control.

High ozone concentration & output

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