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Compact, Economical, Reliable : OZONIA has developed an Advanced Technology with composite materials which are more resistant and more efficient than conventional glass dielectrics. These Advanced Technology generators consume 25 to 60% less energy, at a given ozone concentration, than conventional generators. provides systems for commercial, municipal and industrial applications. most experienced in producing high concentration ozone (up to 15%) from air and oxygen. Pioneer in industrial oxidation applications. its Advanced Technology Techniques reduces values of several water quality parameters in effluents from fish processing industries using ozone flotation techniques.

  • Water treatment (disinfection, colour removal, elimination of taste and odour, pesticide reduction).
  • Wastewater treatment (disinfection, strong reduction of Bacterial Total Plate Count compared to untreated wastewater).
  • Fish farms and hatcheries.
  • Recirculation systems.
  • Pulp and paper industry.
  • Removal of emulgated oils and fats in effluent water.
  • Removal of proteins in effluent from the fish processing industry.
  • Treatment of polluted ground water.
  • Numerous other applications could be listed.

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