Ozocan Corporation

Ozocan Corporation

- Model TYPE PHA-5601 - Oxygen Fed System



Potable Water Disinfection. Heavy Metal Oxidation. Taste, Colour & Odor Removal. Wastewater Disinfection. Coagulent Assistance. Cooling Towers. Units are shipped ready to use. All ratings are based on ozone concentration of 1.8%  by weight in air at 20o C cooling water temperature and 12 PSIG application pressure.  Ratings at other conditions available upon request.

  • Integral OzoMicroTM PLC             
  • Ozone & water temperature monitoring & safety shut-off        
  • Visible corona
  • All stainless steel tubing
  • Instruments & controls:
    • Ozone flow
    • Water flow
    • Gas pressure
    • Ozone pressure   
    • Power regulator
    • 1.8%  by weight ozone in air   

  • Water thermostatic control valve
  • Instruments & controls:
    • Water pressure regulator
    • Pneumatic operated water inlet valve
    • OzoMeterTM ozone gas analyser

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