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- Model EEAS - Extended Aeration Activated Sludge

PACT extended aeration process offers certain benefits that can be combined with conventional processes to obtain a high quality effluent. Extended aeration agitates all incoming waste in the sludge from a single classifier. The combined sludge starts with a higher concentration of inert solids than typical secondary sludge and the longer mixing time required for digestion of primary solids in addition to dissolved organics produces aged sludge requiring greater mixing energy input per unit of waste oxidized. Sludge may be periodically removed by septic tank pumping trucks as sludge volume approaches storage capacity.

  • Extended Aeration process proves reliable under sufficient supervision.
  • The end result effluent is of a higher quality than many other processes.
  • Extended aeration processes are often better at handling organic loading and flow fluctuations, as there is a greater detention time for the nutrients to be assimilated by microbes.
  • Extended aeration systems have a relatively low sludge yield due to long sludge ages, can be designed to provide nitrification.

  • Communities
  • Schools
  • Tourist facilities

PACT® Submerged Aerobic Fixed Film (SAFF) process uses support media to retain an active biomass to reduce the in-fluent BOD Levels. Tubular diffusers are used with the SAFF media giving a good air dispersal and low level of blockage due to growth of biological film. SAFF reactor is a type of aerobic attached growth treatment process. Small foot print area, stable process, lesser sludge production and modular installations are the key features of SAFF process. Essentially SAFF system is a hybrid reactor where attached growth and suspended growth activity takes place simultaneously.

  • Can be designed to any size to deal with larger flow and loads. Modular design allows easy installation.
  • The tank does not need to be drained for access to the diffusers or media.
  • SAFF system takes higher shock loads without reducing the plant performance because of large quantity of Bio mass
  • Available inside the reactor.
  • SAFF supports low sludge generation, low Odour and low visual impact.
  • Modular expandability & simple maintenance

  • Commercial Complex
  • Residential Colonies
  • Institutes

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