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- Conductivity Reduction System


P2W has recently developed an advanced and unique technology for the removal of dissolved salts from two types of water, treating the conductivity and salinity of the wastewater discharge.

  • Sulfide ore- High sulfates enriched water (sulfates level of 400 – 5000 ppm). In high sulfate water, P2W has managed to reduce the conductivity from 6000 µs/cm to below <700 µs/cm.
  • Oxide ore- Low sulfates (sulfates level below 400 ppm). P2W has managed to do so by lowering the conductivity from 3000µs/cm to below <1000 µs/cm.

The difference of treating these two types of water is in the composition of the electrodes and the different metals that they are constructed from, which lead to different results in the electrochemical process.

The fact that P2W does not use any chemical in the process makes it possible to settle most of the salts. At the same time, the non-dissolved salts that are created by the electrochemical process settle into a semi dry cake with an average of 0.5-1.5% day solids.

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