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P2W is a worldwide expert in providing water management and desalination solutions to the industry. But like our esteemed clients we realize that the pillar that supports our operations is the community. A special division in P2W was created to ensure that these who make everything possible, the people, will enjoy one of the most basic of human rights- the right to drink clean and potable water. For that purpose we offer and deliver drink water systems in various sizes that can service the populations of villages and city municipalities alike.

P2W is a world expert in treating water from any source available, whether it originates on the surface, under the ground or at sea. P2W’s technology was designed to handle and treat all levels of salinity as well as a wide range of contaminants at variable levels of concentration.

P2W technology can:
  • Meet the increased water demands of a growing population and minimize water scarcity issues.
  • Treat challenging source water while meeting or exceeding regulatory requirements
  • Deliver high performance water purification at the lowest life-cycle costs
  • Address your water needs within your current plant footprint

  • Surface water: rivers, lakes, dams, channels and reservoirs.
  • Ground water: wells, boreholes and underground storages.
  • Seawater and brackish water sources.
  • Surplus mine water and industrial water sources.

  • State-of-the-art systems designed to specifically treat raw water sources or to achieve specific quality objectives.
  • Advanced integrated design, including pre-intermediate and post-treatment options.
  • Simplified operation and maintenance.
  • Automated control and response.
  • Reduced energy and chemical consumption.
  • A competitive operation cost.
  • Compliance to international and local criteria for potable water.

  • Membrane technologies (reverse osmosis, ultra and micro-filtration and submersible membranes)
  • Deep bed multi-media filtration.
  • Activated carbon absorption
  • Sedimentation and settling.
  • Separation and disinfection.
  • Odor and taste control.
  • Targeted contaminant removal (of fluoride and nitrate) from potable water supplies.

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