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- Sulfates Reduction System


The Sulfates Reduction Technology that was developed especially for the AMD (Acid Mining Drainage) crisis in South Africa is based on and is a modification of the P2W Electrolytic Process that was implemented successfully for the last 7 years in Latin America, Europe, the Far East and Africa. The electrolytic processes are the core technology of the company and have been successfully used in the industry, especially in the Gold Mining sector.

One of the processes that are causing high concentrations of Sulfates in water affected by mining is commonly referred to as Acid Mine Drainage (AMD) or Acid Rock Drainage (ARD), and is associated with the formation of acid water from Metal and Coal mines where pyrites are predominantly present. The chemistry of oxidation of pyrites and the production of ferrous ions and (subsequently) ferric ions are very complex. This complexity has considerably inhibited the design and application of effective mine water treatment options.

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