Southwater LLC

Southwater LLC

Typical Applications

  • Land Development / housing / subdivisions
  • Small and medium sized cities
  • Mobile Home Parks
  • Remote mining, logging, and construction sites
  • Recreational areas such as parks, campgrounds, marinas
  • Manufacturing facilities, power plants, military bases
  • Schools and other educational campuses
  • Government compounds
  • Low Flow / High Strength and High Flow / Low Strength applications
  • Biological waste water treatment for industrial wastewater flows


  • Pre-engineered, pre-fabricated structures result in lower cost
  • Unit is easily transported to the customer’s project site
  • Design allows for quick turnaround time for delivery and installation
  • Wastewater Treatment System is simple to operate and requires low manpower
  • Effective aerobic operational principal
  • User friendly – low and easy maintenance
  • Regulatory compliant
  • Custom design / application specific systems
  • Long service life

Other Wastewater treatment equipment.

  • Tertiary Filters, dual chamber anthracite & sand, for non potable reuse applications.
  • Parallel Plate Clarifiers-for enhanced soilds removal.
  • Circular Center Feed Wastewater Clarifiers-Industry Standard Design
  • Circular Peripheral Flow Wastewater Clarifiers- Innovative outside in design.
  • Oil/water Separators, Coelesecing type.

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