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Wind Turbine Engineering equipment

  • Donasonic - Bio-Gas Plant

    Fermenter silos convert processed organic waste matter into bio-methane, a clean renewable fuel which can be sold as a product or refined further. Bio-Methane can be used to power gas-turbine generators which creates electricity and a heating source for the self sufficiency of the installation.

    By Donasonic based in South Yorkshire, UNITED KINGDOM. from Bio-Gas Product line

  • Lafert - Model AMBY, AMBZ and AMS Series - Brake Motor

    The harsher the working environment the greater the demand on engineering standards, and non-standard then becomes the norm. Custom-design and engineering fulfil this need to give the reliability and performance demanded.

    By Lafert S.p.A based in San Donà di Piave (VE), ITALY. from Brake Motors Product line

  • TECCON - Industrial Stacks

    TECCON supports its customers in the selection of structural shape and materials of industrial stacks in order to reach the best suitable design for a given location, flue gas composition, temperature and volume. The dimensioning and the evaluation that the construction will withstand the expected static and dynamic loads due to corrosive media, ...

    By TECCON Engineering GmbH based in Lieserbrücke, AUSTRIA. from Steelworks Product line

  • Lafert - High Torque - Brake Motors

    Extensive configuration options match motors to applications. The harsher the working environment the greater the demand on engineering standards, and non-standard then becomes the norm. Custom-design and engineering fulfil this need to give the reliability and performance demanded. The Lafert Brake Motor series is engineered according to the ...

    By Lafert S.p.A based in San Donà di Piave (VE), ITALY. from Brake Motors Product line

  • Model ECU MASTER LITE - Control Ignition and Injectio Unit

    Broad range ECU to control ignition and injection. For use in all types of motorcycles, go-karts, cars, motor-cross-seaters, simply for general use from hobby

    By IMFsoft, s.r.o. based in Ostrava–Mariánské Hory, CZECH REPUBLIC. from Ignitions - Control Units Product line

  • TurbinePhD - Condition Monitoring System

    TurbinePhD is the most cost-effective and easy-to-use vibration-based condition monitoring system in the wind industry. This complete condition monitoring solution includes purpose-built hardware, automated analysis of the vibration data, and an intuitive web-hosted user interface. Unlike traditional condition monitoring systems, TurbinePhD was ...

    By NRG Systems based in Hinesburg, VERMONT (USA). from Condition Monitoring Systems Product line

  • EDGE - Model Slayer XL - Twin Shaft and Slow Speed Shredder

    The EDGE Slayer XL, twin shaft, slow speed shredder provides an additional 20% more throughput than the smaller Slayer X. Powered via a Caterpillar, 350hp engine; the Slayer XL has superb fuel economy with an average fuel consumption of just 25-30ltr/hr (7-8 USG) and offers operators with the lowest running and maintenance shredder on the ...

    By EDGE Innovate based in Dungannon, NORTHERN IRELAND. from Shred Product line

  • ADES - Mixed Polygeneration Systems

    The polygeneration seeks to obtain a continuous supply of electrical energy depending on the energy sources availability and maximum fuel economy. An intelligent system prioritizes most suitable energy source at all times.

  • Rutland - Model 1200 - Windcharger

    This is our unique blade design that brings together three key performance features in a single blade profile.

    By Marlec Engineering Company Ltd. based in Corby, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • APG-Neuros - Turbo Blower

    APG-Neuros’ Turbo Blower technology was founded in the aerospace and defense industry where Aero Engines were used in Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) and in the F-16 military aviation program, making the technology tested and reliable. The core of the technology is the patented 3rd generation bump foil air bearing which is oil-free and ...

    By APG-Neuros Inc. based in Blainville, QUEBEC (CANADA).

  • Model LS308 - Aviation Obstruction Light

    Low Intensity Dual Aviation Obstruction Light LS308 Low Intensity Dual aviation obstruction light is specially designed for marking towers (Telecom, GSM, Microwave & TV), cranes, hoists, smokestacks, buildings, sport stadiums, light pylons, high voltage towers and any other potentially hazardous obstructions to air traffic with a steady or ...

    By Nanhua based in Shanghai, CHINA.

  • Silicon Nitride Materials

    Application-oriented material development and modification of silicon nitride and composite materials; Design of microstructure and phase composition. Evaluation of sintering behavior and property potential of Si3N4 powders. Consulting on material selection. Development and testing of prototypes for applications subjected to mechanical, chemical ...

  • Acoustic Camera

    It used to be a dream to imagine being able to ‘see the sound’, but you can do exactly that with this system from GFaI in Berlin. Using an array of microphones, with a patented camera, the system uses a beam-forming technique to locate the sources of sound, and create an image superimposed on an optical image taken at the same time.

    By AcSoft Ltd based in Wingrave, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • Galvanized - Single Diaphragm Windmill Aeration System

    The Koenders Single Diaphragm Windmill Aeration System includes: 12', 16', 20', 24' or 25' Uni-Pole Windmill, Single Diaphragm Compressor, 100' of Airline, Airstone Diffuser and Foot Valve. Up to a 3 year warranty.

    By Koenders Water Solutions Inc. based in Regina, SASKATCHEWAN (CANADA). from Windmill Aeration Systems Product line

  • Hybrid Microgeneration System

    GENESAL ENERGY Hybrid Microgeneration System optimize power generation based on demand. It is designed to operate as autonomous continuous source in installations where the grid is unavailable, reaching an autonomy of up to 1000 hours of operation. Therefore these hybrid generators are ideal solutions for isolated buildings without mains, such as ...

    By Genesal Energy based in Bergondo, SPAIN. from Hybrid Generators Product line

  • Zero Greenline Ferry

    SCOD Presents The World’s First Leap to Zero Greenline Ferry; An Eco Tourism Excursions Ferry for major Ports and Harbors and the ideal Zero Carbon viewing platform for the upcoming America’s Cup in the San Francisco Bay. Richard Sauter head of Sauter Carbon Offset Design commented; “Considering that the America’s Cup is ...

    By Sauter Carbon Offset Design based in Kuta, INDONESIA.

  • SymphoniePRO - 26-Channel Data Logging System

    An advanced, 26-channel data logging system, SymphoniePRO is purpose-built for the renewable energy professional. As the newest data logger in the Symphonie series, SymphoniePRO brings significant upgrades in terms of capability and flexibility while building on the unparalleled foundation that is the Symphonie product line—a series of ...

    By NRG Systems based in Hinesburg, VERMONT (USA). from Data Loggers Product line

  • Standalone Systems

    Standalone solar power systems are solutions for a decentralised, green power supply. They come into their own, particularly where a mains-connected supply is impossible or impractical for technical, economic or other reasons. Today more than 1.6 billion people still have no access to electricity. Standalone solar power systems offer excellent ...

    By EBITSCH energietechnik GmbH based in Zapfendorf, GERMANY.

  • FEROFORM - Model T814 - Composite Material

    FEROFORM T814 is a composite material made from woven fibre bonded with resin with PTFE as a friction modifier.

    By Tenmat ltd based in Manchester, UNITED KINGDOM. from FEROFORM Product line

  • Shorebased Aegir Dynamo

    The shorebased or affixed Aegir Dynamo is designed to service small coastal and island communities, especially those which currently depend on expensive diesel or gas generators as their power source. It operates in a sea state of 300mm or more with an optimum wave height of 1.5 meters to produce 45kW, which can either be connected to the local ...

    By Ocean Navitas Ltd based in Rugby, UNITED KINGDOM.

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