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Environmental industry Equipment

  • AquaQube - Water Evaporator System

    This system is totally automatic and provides a simple and economical answer to the treatment of wastewater from parts cleaning equipment and coolants from metalworking operations. The system works 24/7 and can treat over 300 litres per day. The system concentrates the water containing oil up to 15 times, allowing the water to be reused and ...

    By Solutex Ltd. based in Ellesmere, UNITED KINGDOM. from Vacuum Evaporation Product line

  • Nordic Water - Model Z3900 - Surface Sludge Scraper

    The Zickert Surface Sludge Scraper Z3900 is developed to efficiently remove surface sludge and allows only a minimum of transport water to accompany the sludge. The scraper consists of a traverse bridge hanging in carrying beams over the tank. The scraper blade is attached to a sledge, which is powered by a pull rod and runs with step-by-step ...

    By Nordic Water Products AB based in Askim, SWEDEN. from Zickert Product line

  • Model PFU - Packaged Filter Unit System

    The Pure Air Filtration PureAir PFU is a complete self contained, horizontal or vertical airflow packaged cell system. It provides continuous high efficiency air purification for low level contaminated air streams ranging in volume from 500 to 4000 CFM. These systems are typically used in free standing applications where fine purification of the ...

    By Pure Air Filtration, LLC based in Norcross, GEORGIA (US) (USA). from Equipment Product line

  • RakeMax - Multi Rake Bar Screen

    The RakeMax Screen is perfectly suited to both municipal and industrial wastewater and process water screening. The cleaning elements, attached to the chain system, can easily be adjusted to suit different requirements.

    By Huber SE based in Berching, GERMANY. from Storm & Sewer Equipment- Pumping Station Screens Product line

  • BETH - Small Electrostatic Precipitator

    For middle volumes of gas, BETH offers small electric filters in different sizes. Since the use of biomass for the power generation has been supported through state subsidy programmes, cheap and unproblematic processes are necessary for the de-dusting of small kettle plants between 1,000 and 2,500 kW which surely comply with the required clean gas ...

    By R&R BETH GmbH based in Bad Lobenstein, GERMANY. from Dry Electric Filter Product line

  • Model GCKV - Gas Transport Container

    The GCKV concept is very simple: consistent bundling of all key functional units that are needed to reliably supply the gas motors (e.g. satellites) with the biogas produced. Or to put it another way, the GCKV container houses all components such as the gas cooler, condensate trap, liquid coolant circuit, water cooler and compressor. A ...

    By Siloxa AG based in Essen, GERMANY. from Gas Conditioning Product line

  • SILOXA - Adsorption Drying Systems

    As the gas flows into the SILOXA adsorption drying system, it is dried by two interconnected filters, identical in size, which both contain a desiccant. During the actual adsorption drying process, the raw gas flows through one of these two filters, which then takes up the water contained in the gas. This process ends as soon as the desiccant is ...

    By Siloxa AG based in Essen, GERMANY. from Adsorption Drying Product line

  • Envirowash - Backwash and Reclaim System

    Among the key features to any of the Filtronics Electromedia filters is the efficient use of water for backwash. With backwash to filtration ratios of less than one percent, our Envirowash system is the most enviro-friendly backwash/reclaim system on the market today.Assuming a raw water turbidity of 15 NTU or less, we conservatively estimate the ...

    By Filtronics, Incorporated based in Anaheim, CALIFORNIA (USA). from Others Product line

  • Model Type-S 4PT-2 - 2 FT Stainless Steel Pitot, 1/4 IN Tube

    Type S Pitot Tubes are used to measure the gas velocities. When the pitot is faced into the gas stream, flow and the pressure difference between the two ports equates to the velocity pressure. This differential velocity pressure is measured with liquid manometers or electronic pressure transducers.

    By Apex Instruments, Inc. based in Fuquay-Varina, NORTH CAROLINA (USA). from Flow, Pressure, and Temperature - Pitots Product line

  • MIP - Model LM-3189 - Laser Dust Monitor

    LM 3189 is the most cost-effective dust monitor model, equipped with a semiconductor laser. It is excellent for measuring from medium to long distances ( 3 - 10 m) and from medium to high concentrations ( > 25 mg/m3).

    By MIP Electronics Oy based in Kerava, FINLAND.

  • AquaTech - Model B Series - Combination Sewer Cleaner

    Usage: Ideal for any size contractor, water and sewer district, or contractor who is cleaning storm drains, catch basins and/or sewers. Excellent for sanitary and storm sewer cleaning, water leak repair and emergency excavation. Also ideal for sewer line bypass for sewer repair/relining/replacement work. Benefits: Multiple sizes of debris and ...

    By Great Lakes Equipment Sales, Inc. based in Crestwood, ILLINOIS (USA).

  • Model 5 - Sampling Train Kit

    The professional source sampling company must be prepared for a wide variety of conditions and locations. Apex recommends the Method 5 System “Deluxe Plus”, which can be used in both rigid and flexible configurations. Even with the classic rigid arrangement, the additional glassware allows you to have pre-measured ...

    By Apex Instruments, Inc. based in Fuquay-Varina, NORTH CAROLINA (USA). from Isokinetic Sampling Systems Product line

  • CMC - Model TMA-210 - Trace Moisture Analyzer

    TMA-210 series trace moisture analyzers, fixed and portable, for ppm H2O measurement in corrosive gases and medical oxygen (O2). The TMA-210 series is designed for a fast response with a high flow of sample gas. Together with the easily refurbished sensor this makes it ideal for portable analysers that may be used for checking multiple locations. ...

    By cmc-Instruments GmbH based in Eschborn, GERMANY. from Trace Moisture Analyzers Product line

  • Plexus - Gas Monitoring System

    Plexus ground probe is designed for landfill perimieter methane & H2S monitoring. Providing either 2 or 3 probe inputs, the system draws a sample from each probe and tests for methane content. All readings are sent across the network for time and date stamping and logging at the hub. While the system has been deployed for methane monitoring, ...

    By Plexus Controls Inc. based in Kanata, ONTARIO (CANADA).

  • DRILLMAX - Model 250 - Water Well Rig for Shallow Water Wells

    The DRILLMAX 250 Water Well Rig is the only rig mounted on a truck under CDL requirements that can handle 20-ft. drill pipe. The perfect rig for 2-in.-6-in. shallow water wells. The DRILLMAX 250 can be set up with centrifical or piston mud pump and development air. Capable of getting in tight job sites without worrying about tearing up drive ways ...

    By Drillmax - a brand by Kejr, Inc. based in Ocala, FLORIDA (USA).

  • Monoscreen - Model RSM - Self Cleaning Fine Screen

    Meva Monoscreen is a patented self-cleaning fine screen for water treatment with very high demands on the degree of solids separation. The unique drive system and bar design improve the separation at the bottom of the screen, a weak spot in other fine screens on the market. Monoscreen ensures an exact slot ...

    By Nordic Water Products AB based in Askim, SWEDEN. from Meva Product line

  • Plexus - Model IWS - Intelligent Wireless Ethernet Hub

    The Intelligent Wireless System (IWS) nodes comprise of a range of distributed wireless products from Plexus Controlsproviding advanced supervisory, control and data acquisition (SCADA) functionality for commercial and industrialapplications. With 'out the box' auto mesh wireless functionality, IWS nodes can be easily installed at a remote ...

    By Plexus Controls Inc. based in Kanata, ONTARIO (CANADA).

  • Fluke - Model Ti300 - Thermal Imager

    Sending a comprehensive report to a supervisor’s or customer’s mobile phone… Analyzing and reporting from without having to go back to the office… Multiple tools that report to you simultaneously… This is the world SmartView® Mobile app and CNX™ Wireless System. Available only from Fluke—where your ...

    By Fluke Corporation based in WA, WASHINGTON (USA). from Fluke Thermal Imagers Product line

  • EHS - Assurance Through Audits

    Auditing is an essential process in any business. There is no better tool to provide assurance to management than a well-structured EHS audit process. Our audit methods, our portfolio of projects and our credentials all speak to industry-leading audit expertise.

    By EEM Inc. based in Montreal, QUEBEC (CANADA). from Environment Product line

  • Carbonyl Sulfide Analyzer (OCS, CO2, H2O, CO)

    To address exciting new opportunities for studying gross photosynthesis, LGR's OCS Analyzer (Carbonyl Sulfide or COS) simultaneously reports measurements of carbonyl sulfide (OCS or COS), carbon dioxide (CO2) and water vapor (H2O) in air continuously with extraordinary precision and sensitivity. In addition, with a slight adjustment in software, ...

    By Los Gatos Research - a member of the ABB group based in San Jose, CALIFORNIA (USA). from Carbon Sulfide (OCS) Analyzers Product line

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