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Environmental industry Equipment

  • Impact - Headband Enhances Earmuffs

    Impact enhances user awareness of their environment through advanced sound amplification technology. Impact allows wearers to hear important communication – other co-workers, alarms and warning signals – at a safely amplified level. Positioned microphones provide more natural, directional hearing. Through an advanced response ...

    By Howard Leight/Honeywell Safety Products based in Smithfield, RHODE ISLAND (USA). from Earmuffs - Connected Product line

  • Howard Leight - Model Sync - Stereo Headband Earmuffs

    Electo combines the entertainment benefit of our FM Radio earmuff with advanced sound amplification technology that allows wearers to hear important communications – other co-workers, alarms and important warning signals – at a safely amplified level, while listening to the radio. Positioned microphones provide more natural, ...

    By Howard Leight/Honeywell Safety Products based in Smithfield, RHODE ISLAND (USA). from Earmuffs - Connected Product line

  • Howard Leight - Model QM24+ - Ultra-Lightweight And Three-Position Earmuff

    The dielectric QM24+ is an ultra-lightweight, three-position earmuff designed for extended wear at a valued price. Weighing only 6 oz., the QM24+ features an adjustable crown strap for a secure fit over-the-head, behind-the-head and below-the-chin. Soft foam cushions are easy to clean with soap and water, and can be replaced for extended use.

    By Howard Leight/Honeywell Safety Products based in Smithfield, RHODE ISLAND (USA). from Earmuffs - Passive Product line

  • FirmFit - Uncorded Earplugs

    Extensive research into earplug preferences revealed that some workers prefer a firm foam earplug. They gain a sense of security from feeling the earplug in their ear. And while they like knowing the earplug is there, workers want greater comfort. Independent tests reveal that FirmFit outperforms the leading classic-style earplug, providing ...

    By Howard Leight/Honeywell Safety Products based in Smithfield, RHODE ISLAND (USA). from Earplugs - Disposable Product line

  • OceanTest - Model MF 315 - Mechanical Flowmeter

    A simple and reliable, impeller driven instrument used to determine the flowing speed of a variety of moving flulds.

    By OceanTest Equipment, Inc based in Fort Lauderdale, FLORIDA (USA). from Flow Meters Product line

  • Filter-X - Model 2000lb - Carbon Vessel

    With or without base. ANSI Flange or Grooved Fitting Connections.

    By Filter X Technologies Inc. based in White Rock, BRITISH COLUMBIA (CANADA). from Media Vessels Product line

  • Delta Phase - Model DO7 - Fluorescence Dissolved Oxygen

    Introducing the NEW Rugged Dissolved Oxygen Sensor exclusively for the meter DO7. The DO7 sensor utilizes lifetime-based optical fluorescence sensor technology to provide an extremely stable, precise and low maintenance dissolved oxygen sensor. Unlike traditional DO sensors, DO7 does not require membranes, stirring, and cleaning and allows ...

    By Delta-Phase Electronics Inc. based in Santa Ana, CALIFORNIA (USA).

  • Jacarta InterSeptor - Server Room Temperature Monitor

    InterSeptor is an environmental monitoring device designed to remotely monitor your critical IT Infrastructure including Server Rooms, IT Rooms, Wiring Closets and Comms Rooms. Use interSeptor to detect Air Conditioning Failure, Water Leaks, Power Failure, Security Breaches, Fire & more.

    By Jacarta Ltd. based in Wiltshire, UNITED KINGDOM. from Environmental Monitoring Product line

  • T302 Met Office Pattern Precision

    The T302 is an aspirated air temperature sensor, built to a UK Government Meteorological Office design and is suitable for use where measurements of the highest accuracy are required. A unique triple-walled enclosure is used to obtain maximum protection from measurement errors due to thermal radiation. The enclosure comprises two ABS plastic ...

    By Vector Instruments (Wind Speed Limited) based in RHYL, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • Young - Model 05103 - Wind Monitor

    The Wind Monitor is a high performance wind sensor. Rugged, corrosion-resistant construction makes it ideal for a wide range of wind measuring applications. The wind speed sensor is a four blade helicoid propeller. Propeller rotation produces an AC sine wave voltage signal. The wind direction sensor is a rugged yet lightweight vane. Vane angle is ...

    By R.M. Young Company based in Traverse City, MICHIGAN (USA). from Wind Sensors - Mechanical Wind Sensors Product line

  • Datawell - Model MOSE-G1000 - GPS Based Motion Sensor

    The MOSE-G1000 measures its three-dimensional motion in 3 frequency regimes where each regime has its own precision. Centimetre precision is achieved in the high frequency regime (1-100 s periods). Here the MOSE-G1000 works just like the Datawell DWR-G directional wave buoys. For very low frequencies the GPS position is output every 10 seconds ...

    By Datawell BV based in Haarlem, NETHERLANDS. from Datawell Motion Sensors Product line

  • PAMAS - Optical Sensors

    Optical particle counters work with the help of light. In optical measurement proceedings, the light beams through the liquid. The electromagnetic waves may be deflected or absorbed when meeting the particles in the measuring cell. The light effect on the particles is analysed with the help of a previously calibrated optical electronic hardware. ...

    By PAMAS - Partikelmess- und Analysesysteme GmbH based in Rutesheim, GERMANY.

  • Solgeo - Model CMS - Ultrasonic System

    Solgeo CMS ultrasonic system is able to perfor measures of compressional P waves time propagation through different materials, with high accuracy by allowing to visualize on a palmtop or tablet PC the waveform of signal acquired. It is made up of an acquisition unit and different piezoelectric sensors among which high power piezoeletrical ...

    By Solgeo srl based in Seriate (BG), ITALY. from Geophysical Research Product line

  • zeroinstrument - Model Z100VX - Vortex flow meter Z100VX

    Customized vortex flowmeter ZERO100VX series are designed for measuring the volume/mass flow of liquids, gases and steam based on Karman vortex principle.Adopting advanced differential algorithm along with measurement of isolation, shielding and wave filtering, ZERO100VXseries vortex flow meters have the advantages of immunity on vibration and ...

    By Dalian Zero Instrument Technology Co., Ltd based in Dalian, CHINA.

  • GF Signet - Model 2507 - Mini Flow Sensor

    The Signet 2507 Mini Flow Sensor contains a free-running rotor that is driven by the fluid flow. Within the given measurement range, the rotational speed of the rotor is proportional to the fluid flow rate.Magnets built into the rotor trigger an electronic switch in the top of the sensor creating a square-wave output. Both opaque and transparent ...

    By Georg Fischer Piping Systems Ltd based in Postfach, SWITZERLAND. from Cemented Systems Product line

  • Model NSF 61 - Floating Ball Covers for Municipal Drinking Water

    Not just a ball but a solution to a problem for many Municipal Drinking Water applications, ECC provides not just a ball, but a solution to a problem. Most of our successful installations have resulted from working closely with customers, sharing our ideas and experience and tailoring a solution to meet their specific requirements. ECC floating ...

    By ECC, LLC based in Wilmington, NORTH CAROLINA (USA). from Hollow Balls Product line

  • ESB - Overflow Valves

    ESB supplies precision solid balls for washing machine over flow protection valves. Many other industries can use these precision balls in ball-valve applications for protection against over flows.

    By ECC, LLC based in Wilmington, NORTH CAROLINA (USA). from Solid Balls Product line

  • ESB - Vent Valves

    ESB supplies the precision balls used in many appliances. Dishwasher is just one example of many uses in the appliance industry.

    By ECC, LLC based in Wilmington, NORTH CAROLINA (USA). from Solid Balls Product line

  • ECC - Gas Fracking Covers

    Gas Fracturing Flowback recycling is one of ECC Ball Covers many uses.  ECC has developed a portable cover that can be transported from one drilling site to the next site with very little effort.  These covers are designed specifically for your storage containment and can be easily installed with minimal manual labor and crane.

    By ECC, LLC based in Wilmington, NORTH CAROLINA (USA). from Hollow Balls Product line

  • Solid Plastic Balls Used for Ball Valves

    ESB manufactures a diverse line of solid plastic balls used in valves designed to promote multiple configurations, sizes, materials & cracking pressures. Options & applications include, but are not limited to the following: HDPE, Polypropylene, PTFE, PC & Nylon materials. NSF & FDA approved materials available. Air, Vacuum, Water, ...

    By ECC, LLC based in Wilmington, NORTH CAROLINA (USA). from Solid Balls Product line

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