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Various water-dosing machines are available for filling the Procona containers, or the gerbera packaging system bags, with the correct amount of water. Simple, manually-operated, water-dosing machine: This water-dosing machine will fill two gerbera packaging system bags within a few seconds. The machine can also be used for fast-filling Procona containers with water. The water buffer above the outflow openings is maintained at the correct level by means of a float. A dosing pump can be used to add flower food to the water before it flows into the buffer..

Alternatively there is a manually-operated pump that adds the correct amount of water to the gerbera system bags.

Water-dosing machine with lift
Between 5 and 10 containers are stacked into the machine. The top container is filled with water. When this container is taken off the stack the lift raises the following container to the correct level and fills it with water.

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