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Pak-More Hold Down Disks Significantly Reduce Waste Disposal Cost - Up to 70%. Material springback obviously reoccupies valuable drum space and adds substantially to disposal costs for paper, plastics, cardboard, and hazardous waste - particularly materials exhibiting springback or “memory” characteristics.

  • Thus the remarkable Pak-More Hold Down Disk was created.
  • The disk had to be tough, durable, and capable of taking great compacting pressures to reach those lowest compaction levels… and holding that position.
  • Visualize the compactor ram retracting… leaving the disk in place at its lowest position. The disk, by virtue of five locking tabs, securely wedges itself against the drum wall.
  • Using one or two Pak-More Disks per drum, each disk compressing a volume of material to its lowest compaction level, you will significantly store up to 70% more waste!
  • Consider too, no special tools or skills are required to assemble the Pak-More Disk. Nothing complex. The disks work well with any 55 gallon drum compactor such as our 55AR RAM FLAT Compactor shown her

  • To actually compact, place the Pak-More Disk over the material in the drum. Begin compaction. At the lowest level of compaction the Pak-More Disk locks in place. No springback. Repeat compaction for capacity drum use.
  • The Pak-More Disk stops anywhere along the length of a 55 gallon drum – to the ultimate point of compaction. It is not necessary to lock into the drum rings for retention.
  • Consider this unique, important benefit: the Pak-More Disk is easily and safely removed simply by loosening the locking tabs and releasing locking pressure.
  • For minimal storage advantages, Pak-More Disks are shipped unassembled; however, assembly is uncomplicated – a matter of seconds.
  • Just how much money will your company save using Pak-More Disks? Typically, you can reduce costs of $500 per drum to $300! That’s savings above 40%.

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