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Designing and making is our most important business. That gives us the flexibility to focus all our resources on helping Customers to determine their exact needs, then customising every design to meet any drilling conditions. Our Roller Cutters are the result of more than 35 years experience in the design, development and manufacture of drilling tools. Determinations of the type of cutters best suites to drill a particular rock, to fit a specific machine with a good cutter arrangement is of basic importance to make your boring work successful and profitable.

Matching the product to the specific application is a prime consideration at Palmieri's: that is why we offer the widest variety of Roller Cutters including a range 6' to 20' inches wide (150 to 500 mm} to cover any need for either the smallest Micro-TBM up to the largest TBMs. This commitment provides Palmieri customers with access to an impressive range of rock cutting tools to fit all makes of Tunnelling Machines, Raise Borers, foundation Drills, water well Rigs and Mining machinery used in any variety of soils and ground conditions.

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