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Panel Circular Silos



The wide range of silos can meet all requirements, in terms of volume (up to 50 meters in diameter) and in terms of storable materials: liquid - granular – aggregates. Silos are customized, clients can choose their color and where they can apply their logo and other kinds of customization. Each silo can also be divided into two or more compartments so that they can contain different mixtures or different liquids. NB - The model SPG35 is built with panels 1500 mm high, which offer the assembler a working position to the maximum ergonomics, in total safety because this height prevents the use of stairs and enables the necessary quick movements from one panel to another.

All the parts forming a silo are mechanically fastened to a frame, specially designed for  size and for type of product, in order to avoid any damage during transport by truck or ship, and to optimize the space.

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