- Model XL - Enhanced Coalescing Oil Water Separator



Enhanced coalescing oil water separator for large oily water flow rates : PANEL XL. Depending on the model selected, each individual panel can handle flow rates of either 320 gallons per minute (GPM) or 640 GPM. Achieves below 5 parts per million (PPM) separation of free non-emulsified oil (below 10 PPM for many types of light crude oil). By far, the most affordable method for large industrial oil-water separation since panels can be installed side by side like window panes in a submerged cross-wall to RETROFIT existing or for installation in new locally procured concrete or steel tanks. This unique solution represents a huge advantage over shipping conventional bulky expensive separators since there is no limit to the flow rate that can be treated and the panels are washable and reusable. Maintenance is conducted above ground making it safer, cleaner, quicker and of course, more affordable. Each panel requires 1 yard / 1 meter of submerged wall space.

By including our optional skimmers and our patented automatic oil draw off device (ADD), the operator is able to not only separate efficiently, but can also retrieve the separated oil with minimal water content - an astounding 99.7% degree of purity. Depending on the specifications of the crude oil in question, can also be used to increase production levels at oil wells and refineries. Also ideal for use in municipal water treatment plants and in oil refineries for extremely hot oily water applications.

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