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Paper Recycling and Data Destruction



The life cycle of paper products is a much discussed topic. Falling raw material prices and quality are frequently used as buzzwords. Lindner supports a resource-efficient future – with the perfect paper recycling technology. Lindner's tried-and-tested shredding solutions are key in waste paper processing, protecting the environment and saving financial resources. Our system partners use this valuable raw material not only for normal recycling e.g. reuse as paper, but also as insulation. For the latter, the material is shredded and subsequently, after chemical treatment, injected into intermediate walls.

1 One-Step Shredding

The shredder is key to paper recycling. Depending on the feed, grain sizes of 90% smaller than 20 mm and a throughput of up to 5 metric tons per hour are possible. Thanks to the precise cutting sequence, even data destruction standards can be complied with.

2 Suction Hood

The suction hood fitted to the processing machine and discharge ensures clean air and minimises fire risks by transferring even the smallest air-borne particles to the filter.

3 Filter

In this step, the dust captured in the suction process is filtered to ensure a safe and low-particle environment.

4 Conveying

Conveying technology suited to the machine’s design and processing speed offers the best transport of materials to and from the machine. Thanks to integrated controls, it is not necessary to operate the conveyor belts separately. Lindner’s smart control concept regulates the speed automatically, thus guaranteeing maximum output.

5 Magnetic Separation of Ferrous Material

With our Lindner shredder that is resistant to foreign matter, whole bales or even contaminated materials can be processed. A large over-belt magnet separates metallic parts at the end of the conveyor line, reliably removing scrap metal such as binding wires and other foreign objects.

Shredding of data carriers and files for recycling and repurposing

Sophisticated, superior shredding solutions are paramount for defined grain sizes. When it comes to data security, Lindner can build on our years of experience in shredding technology. With our superb technology and tried-and-tested machines, we shred data carriers such as paper, DVDs and magnetic storage media up to security level 5 of the DIN66399.

We repeatedly conduct tests that are certified to guarantee premium data destruction for our customers. The environmental considerations are also a huge priority for us: the shredded material can be prepared for recycling and turned into new products.

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