Model 2000 - Partisol FRM



The Partisol-FRM Model 2000 Air Sampler is USEPA reference method designated for both PM-2.5 and PM-10. It is the proven manual sampling platform for the USEPA PM-2.5 standard. It is based upon the original Partisol Air Sampler, which received the USEPA reference designation for PM-10 measurements in June 1994.

The Partisol sampling platform has been used worldwide in a wide range of climate extremes, from temperatures lower than -40 C to higher than +50 C. It also has a proven track record in high-humidity areas such as southeast Asia and the southern US. Its small size and low weight facilitate shipping, transport and setup. The Partisol-FRM Sampler meets or exceeds the USEPA manual requirements. The instrument has already received the ETL electrical designation (UL- and CSA-equivalent, CE), and is manufactured in R&P's ISO 9001-certified facility.

Many of the features required by the USEPA in the PM-2.5 reference sampling method were first incorporated in a USEPA-certified reference sampler in R&P's original Partisol Sampler. These include the following:

  • Sample flow rate of 1 m?/h (16.7 l/min) through a single 47 mm filter.
  • Standard 47 mm filters with convenient filter exchange mechanism.
  • Full microprocessor control and data handling (interval and filter data).
  • ActiVol automatic volumetric flow control (low volume).
  • Straightforward audit procedures.


  • USEPA designated for PM-2.5 sampling (RFPS-0498-117) and PM-10 sampling (RFPS-1298-126).
  • Field-proven sampling platform in extremes of temperature and humidity.
  • ETL (UL- and CSA-equivalent) approval, CE designation.
  • Built-in software support for five-point flow rate calibration using the innovative
  • Streamline FTS flow transfer standard or volumetric flow meters.
  • Filter cassette carrier eliminates in-field handling of filters and cassettes.
  • Hardware configuration allows for easy exchange of WINS PM-2.5 Impactor.
  • Menu-driven user interface provides powerful capabilities and promotes ease of use.
  • Bi-directional communication with palmtop computer for simple data retrieval and in-field review.

Sample Flow : 5 to 18 l/min
Filter Holders : 47mm in a convenient filter cassette carrier
Interval Data Storage : Time date, temperature, pressure and flow rate stored every 5 minutes. Store up to 14 days of data.
Filter Data Storage : Includes temperature, pressure, flow, volume, status conditions, filter ID. Store up to 25 filter data records
Data Output : Display screen, RS232
Operating Range : -40 to 50 °C. Conditions below -25 °C require optional insulating jacket.
Power Requirements : 2.2A @ 120VAC, 1.1A @ 240VAC
Dimensions : W: 16' (41 cm) x D: 13' (33 cm) x H: 24' (61 cm). Inlet adds 31' (79 cm) to height
Weight : 61 lb (28 kg)

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