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- Model 16GL-N - Earth Resistivity Meter



Last release of a very popular family of earth resistivity meters, this 16 bits geoelectrical instrument represents a really performing and affordable solution for Vertical Electrical Soundings at medium and great depth. Reliable and lightweight, 16GL-N is characterized by really first-rate performances, even if it remains extremely easy to use. The possibility to download data through USB enables a quick interpretation with the data inversion software. It is recommended, as to exploit its capabilities, to use it in conjunction with one or more P-100-N rechargeable accumulators.

  • Subsoil groundwater prospecting at shallow, medium and great depth.
  • Geological stratigraphy
  • Studies of salt water contamination in fresh water layers
  • Landslide monitoring
  • Mineral exploration (sulphides, etc.)
  • Archaeological research

  • High resolution (16 bit, floating point)
  • High sensitivity (lowest voltage measured: 600nV)
  • Instrument managed by multiprocessor
  • Continuous readout of current/voltage
  • Autoranging (automatical adapting of the instrument range to the signal value to measure)
  • Acquisition memory of 18000 readings without direct data downloading
  • Easy menu for quick learning
  • Creation of energetic wave based upon the parameters supplied by the user
  • Data transfer through USB 2.0
  • More than 40 hours of autonomy
  • Automatic filtering
  • Notch filters 50/60Hz
  • Reduction of noise with stacking and average of the values acquired
  • Automatic calibration at every switch-on
  • Suitable to any type of energizer (max.1000V, 1A)
  • Light and compact structure in a sturdy weatherproof case

  • Energization curve:
    • may be customized by the following parameters:
    • positive and negative wave length:
      • 0,1 – 9,9 sec (impl. at 25 sec.)
    • time between positive and negative wave:
      • 0,1 – 9,9 sec
      • intercycle time:  1 – 99 sec
      • no of cycles:  1 – 99
  • Resolution: 610 nV, 126,8nA
  • Display: 16 x 2 characters, background lighting
  • N° of readout per wave: 3 readouts of voltage and 3 readouts of current, consecutively and at wave term
  • Voltage range for VMN: from +/-20mV to +/-1280 V (automatically selected)
  • Display of measures:
    • datum and time
    • sequence number
    • V, I and V/I (already mediated)
  • Memory: up to 18000 measures
  • External data ports: USB 2.0
  • Max power imput: 1000 V — 1 A
  • Noise suppression: superior to 98 db at 50-60 Hz
  • Power supply: 2x internal rechargeable battery 6V - 4A/h
  • Autonomy: more than 50 h, with low battery alarm indicated on display
  • Operating temperature: 0 ÷ 60°C
  • Storage temperature: -20°C ÷ +80°C
  • Physical dimension: 38 x 27 x 15 cm (shock proof case)
  • Weight: 5,4 Kg

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