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- Model Well-Camera.1 - Well & Borehole Camera



Taking advantage of our vast experience in designing and manufacturing TV-inspection systems for boreholes and wells, we created the innovative WELL-CAMERA Series that follows all our Customer’ requests about an easy use, reliable, compact and lightweight instrument for field operations. The complete system consist of: reel and camera head, display unit with integrated LCD, USB2 grabber board and microphone, battery charger. Pictures, movies and comments can be saved to any external laptop. 12V internal battery power supply; possibility to be connected also to any external 12V battery.  The 120° wideangle view allows the use of WELL-CAMERA to evaluate the status of the filtering columns inside freshwater wells. A 90° View Option is also available, together with its centering device.


A complete WELL-CAMERA system consists of:

  • reel and camera head
  • control unit with integrated LCD, USB 2.0
  • grabber board and microphone
  • battery charge

Supplied complete of software and USB cable for display and recording of pictures, movies and vocal comments to any
external laptop.

  • Internal 12V rechargeable battery / external 12V battery connecting cable
  • camera head waterproof up to 35 bar (approx. 350m of freshwater column)
  • wide angle lens 120° - available 90° view option
  • integrated monitor 7' TFT LCD
  • 6x high intensity LED, with regulation knob
  • integrated audio/video grabber board USB2 for recording on external PC
  • Available lengths: 50m, 100m, 200m, 3000m, 400m, 500m.

Camera Head

  • Diameter: 40mm
  • Lenght: 150 mm
  • Sensor type: CCD 1/3’’
  • Resolution: 480 lines
  • Minimum intensity required: 1 lux
  • Light type: 6x high intensity leds
  • Waterproof protection: IP68, submergibile up to 350 m


  • Display: 7' TFT LCD
  • Wide Screen: 16:9
  • Image rotation: Right/left/up/down
  • Resolution: 480 x RGB x 234 x Stripe
  • System: NTSC/PAL

Control Unit

  • Power supply: internal or external 12V battery, for up to 6 hours of field use.
  • Digital output: integrated USB 2.0 audio/video grabber board + microphone for saving movies and vocal comments directly to any external PC
  • Analog video output: BNC connector
  • Weight: 5 kg
  • Size: 27cm x 25cm x 18cm

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