- Model A1 Series II - Single Auger Silo Unloader



Fits silos from 12 to 24 ft (3.7 m to 7.3 m) in diameter. Designed for a longer lifespan, the reversible 9 ft (2.7 m) ring is flanged to the inside for greater strength. High-performance, 10 inch (254 mm) auger features special hardened steel knives to effectively cut through and deliver hard packed and frozen materials. High-volume delivery for fast feeding and reduced labor costs. Self-sharpening chipper wheel reduces feed build up and cleans silo wall. The reliable Patz electrical joint is unmatched in design and service

Drive ring
Heaviest, reversible ring in the industry! Heavy 7-gauge (4.5 mm) thick steel, 9 foot (2.74 m) diameter (3 section) ring is flanged to the inside for greater strength and is reversible for greater life. Provides maximum stability for proper machine balance in changing silage conditions.

Ring drive gearbox

High-performance auger
Massive heavy-duty 10' (254 mm) high-capacity auger is made with 1/4' (6.4 mm) thick flighting. Double flighting at the chipper wheel end of the auger provides smooth operation while removing the hardest packed and frozen materials.

Chipper wheel
6 self-sharpening steel knives welded securely to chipper wheel to clean silo wall.

Wall wheels
Two 10' (254 mm) diameter wall wheels. Adjustable, long-life heavy-duty polyethylene wall wheels for accurate positioning of chipper wheel. An adjustment bolt on each wheel allows for a more precise setting of wheels.

3-point suspension system
3-point suspension system keeps unloader level, eliminating the need for counterweights. Choice of suspension arms to fit tripods or hexapods. Optional high clearance suspension arms available for hexapods (16'-24' models) to add extra feed storage and lift.

Industry’s strongest main cable
3-cable suspension using high-tensile strength aircraft cable, provides the ultimate stability of unloader. Includes the strongest main cable in the industry at 3/8' diameter!

Heavy-duty blower with impeller
26' (660mm) high capacity blower features 3 cupped, adjustable paddles to deliver high volumes of silage. Paddles feature stainless steel pins and can be mounted fixed or swinging to ease start up. Air intakes into the blower reduce air resistance for more throwing power. Blower band is made of 1/4' (6.4 mm) abrasion-resistant steel for longevity.

Optional Automatic Lowering
End winch watching and maintain a steady, high-volume silage flow with automatic lowering. An optional electric motor-driven winch lowers the Patz ring-drive silo unloader automatically after it makes each complete revolution. You can adjust the letdown to match the silage condition and your desired rate of feed flow. To regulate volume of feed, adjust the volume control dial toward the 'Min' or 'Max' position as required. An ammeter allows you to monitor the load on the silo unloader motor while setting the volume control adjustment. The automatic lowering control keeps the silage surface level for reliable operation and constant full-flow feeding. This winch control also allows you to easily raise the silo unloader at any time with the push of a button. If you already own a Patz ring-drive unloader, you can add this automatic lowering option to your present unloader.

Optional Hexapod Support System
Patz offers the hexapod with the highest lift in the industry! Optional high clearance suspension arms provide extra feed storage and clearance for filling with 16’-24’ models. The hexapod’s 3-cable suspension includes the strongest main cable in the industry at 3/8” diameter!

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