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- Pavement Removal Bucket



Werk-Brau manufactures all attachments to O.E.M. specs for all makes and models of excavators. Werk-Brau's Pavement Removal Bucket is specifically engineered for removal, handling, and loading of slabs of material such as sidewalks or street. The distinct shape of this bucket makes it easy to wedge under a slab of material to pry it up away from the ground in one or more pieces. The inclined sides of the Bucket aid in prying the pavement or cement free. Not designed for normal dirt excavation or digging. This Bucket can be paired with a thumb.

Quality Construction:
T-1 steel is utilized in all critical or high wear components to ensure that this pavement removal bucket has a long operation life. The entire bottom is 'ribbed' on the inside to prevent denting and reduce wear.

Cutting Equipment Options:
Equipped with industry standard teeth for extra durability. A selection of high quality brand teeth are available to choose from.

Standard Sizes Available:
Widths range from 30' to 60'. Special widths available upon request.

Additional Options:
Different teeth styles are available.  Special designs are available, please request a quote from a Dealer or contact Werk-Brau directly.

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