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Troxler Electronic Laboratories, Inc.

- Model 2701-B Plus - Electromagnetic Density Indication Device



The Model 2701-B Troxler PaveTracker Plus is an electromagnetic density indication device for asphalt quality control measurements. The PaveTracker Plus contains no radioactive material, and therefore no licensing or special training is required to own or operate this equipment. Your entire asphalt paving team could be ready to perform asphalt QC measurements at a moment’s notice. The Model 2701-B is a lightweight device, weighing only 11 lbs. (5 kg) and displays measurement results in only two seconds! These features allow the technician to measure larger areas in a shorter amount of time. If problem areas are found, further compaction effort can quickly be made to increase the density of the asphalt.

Optional Features:

  • Infrared Temperature Sensor - measures and displays the mat temperature.
  • GPS location capability - reports latitutde and longitude with each measurement result.

Standard Features:

  • Reference Test Plate built into the case allowing the operator to test the unit as often as desired
  • Two handles are standard - detachable longer L shaped handle and an attached bail handle
  • Large backlit display and keypad can be easily seen from a standing position and in dim light
  • Self-adhesive protective sensor cover disc is easily replacable in the field

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