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Blending of bunker fuel using USB systems by PC GlobeCore. USB system is designed for therefinery plant to produce commercial gasoline.

Production technology of high octane gasoline has each large refinery plant. Generally, high octane gasoline produces today by compounding (blending) low octane gasoil.

Our team of engineers upgrades the technology of fuel blending.

PC GlobeCore had manufactured and tested in an industrial condition the three-stage hydraulic cavitation blender for this technology, it’s the best cavitational mixer for today.

The deepest dispersion of all blending gasoline components at the molecular level occurs from the cavitation and others attendant processes.Special features of the above-given station are in octane number raising by means of injection method and ultrasonic blending system. That allows to avoid the break down of derived product within 180 days. It is designed to be operated indoors as well as outdoors under a shelter.

Modern hydrodynamic (stream) blending plants have shown themselves in industrial operation as economic, accurate and steady means for high-quality motor fuel production with optimal prime cost. In comparison with existing technology of components blending at blending vessels, reached economy and increasing of production profitability can force investment return up to 60 % for a year and provide project payback for one year or less.

Hydrodynamic (stream) cavitational (reactor) blender allows use the sparingly soluble or insoluble substances like the knock-sedative additions of gasoline.

According to our experience, using of one hydrodynamic blending plant for gasoline production can bring to refinery plant about 3-5 millions USD in a year due to economy, while annual gasoline production is about one million tons.

Using of hydrodynamic blending plants help you to manufacture blend gasoline and others blending fuels includes the fuels with biological origin additives such as bio-ethanol and biodiesel.

Reduction of labor trade, professional development of the personnel and increasing professional interest.

GlobeCore’s blending systems advantages:

  • Capacity increasing;
  • Efficient and optimal usage of equipment;
  • Blending process automation;
  • Reduction to minimum the influence of changes in the process of raw material recycling at technological units refinery plant on the quality of finished product, received at blending plants;
  • Reduction to minimum transport dead time while finished product shipping;
  • Product level control at the vessels helps to use their vessels at most rate;
  • Blending process planning improvement.

Installation is constantly improving and upgrading. In fact, each device is manufactured according to specific client requirements: from the dimensions (vertically or horizontally integrated) and finishing by the color.

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