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Model PC Series - Pioneer Continuous Duty



PC series purifiers are designed for continuous duty service such as in spray painting, sandblasting, tank cleaning and other applications where workers are exposed to unhealthy environments. In addition to stationary systems, PC Series purifiers are available as portable systems by mounting on a wheeled cart (PCM series) or mounting on a trailer (PCT series). For more information on portable, continuous-duty purifiers, consult your Pioneer representative or the factory.

Pionox Purifiers are engineered systems with built-in filtering, drying and purifying stages on a single skid to improve the quality of compressed air for human breathing. The compressed air is first filtered by the Oil-Alert filter which removes oil aerosols and particulates from the air in a six-step process. The filter element gradually changes color to bright red as it collects oil aerosols. This visual alarm indicates that the element needs changing.

The air then passes through the air drying system where water vapor is removed. Water vapor removal at a very low dew point is essential to protect the next purification stage – the catalyst converter. The catalyst converter changes highly toxic carbon monoxide (CO) into carbon dioxide (CO2). The next stage of purification, the carbon absorber, removes various hydrocarbons and odors. In the last stage, the fine particulate filter prevents particle carry over. The purified air then flows downstream where the pressure is generally reduced for final use.

To further ensure the quality of breathing air, safety features such as a CO monitor with Auto-Cal and alarms, pressure regulators, relief valves and a low pressure alarm are recommended.

  • 1. Oil-Alert filter – removes oil aerosols and particulates from the air. Color change feature indicates when filter element needs replacement.

2. Regenerative dryer – adsorbs additional moisture vapor, thus extending the life of the catalyst converter.

3. Visual moisture indicator – The blue moisture indicator changes color when the humidity is 2% or more. It monitors the effectiveness of the regenerative dryer.

4. Catalyst converter – converts carbon monoxide (CO) to carbon dioxide (CO2).

5. Activated carbon adsorber – removes odors, tastes and other organic compounds.

6. Particulate filter – final filter to prevent particle carry over.

7. NEMA 4 electrical.

8. Regenerative dryer sequence lights.

9. Regenerative dryer failure to shift alarm.

10. Tower pressure gauges (2).

11. Purge pressure gauge.

12. Purge control valve.

1. CO monitor with Auto-Cal and alarm.

2. Low pressure alarm.

3. High temperature alarm.

4. Power failure alarm.

5. High humidity alarm.

6. Emergency air connection.

7. NEMA 7 electrical.

8. Battery back-up.

9. Aftercooler.

10. Separator and automatic drain.

11. Heat tracing for low ambient.

The PC Series purifier (also available mounted on a trailer or wheeled cart) provides continuous duty grade 'D' breathing air at the lowest initial cost.

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