- Wastewater Nutrient Recovery Process


At the core of Ostara’s solution is the Pearl fluidized bed reactor. In EBPR systems, Pearl removes up to 50% of total plant influent phosphorus before it accumulates as struvite in pipes and other assets. By adding magnesium in a controlled pH setting, nutrients crystallize into highly pure fertilizer granules and grow in diameter. Once they reach the size required for standard fertilizer blends, they are harvested, dried and bagged – ready for immediate distribution and sale under the brand name Crystal Green®. By reducing effluent phosphorus levels, Pearl helps to consistently meet nutrient regulations while improving the performance of the entire treatment plant.

Ostara offers a revenue generating, closed-loop solution. Capital costs are recouped in 5-10 years, through annual savings in chemicals, sludge disposal, maintenance, and revenue from Crystal Green sales. As the global leader in nutrient recovery, we deliver a complete, nutrient recovery solution package.

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