Aquathin Corp.

Aquathin Corp.

- Model 30 - Mufti Patented Reverse Osmosis System



Our domestic and international water supplies are facing the greatest challenges ever from decaying infrastructure to emerging and unregulated contaminates including human and animal pharmaceuticals (see Water Conditioning & Purification Magazine article 'Legally Safe and Totally Safe Are Two Different Addresses'). Aquathin lights the way into the future of Water Purification with the PEARL The PEARL Water Purification System integrates three patents to give you 30 Stages and Levels of Protection - the most effective and efficient water treatment system in the Universe - we Golden Guarantee it I NO ONE OOES IT BETTER.

Aquathin's Pearl Mufti Patented Reverse Osmosis Deionization Process with Heavy Duty Prefiltration provides water that is salt free and eliminates nitrates, heavy metals, chemicals, pesticides, radionuclides and disease causing waterborne microorganisms... and emerging pharmaceuticals. The Patented IQ-EMP Selectronic Memory Panel is light years ahead of the industry providing illuminating LED Self Diagnostics of the PEARL'S water purification procedures, for The Best Taste In Life.

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