PEL Waste Reduction Equipment

- Model 1500 - High Density Vertical Baler with Drum Crusher Option



The PEL 1500 High Density Baler is an automatic baler suitable for baling waste cardboard, paper and plastics into a bale weighing 150-200 Kg depending on material being baled. The PEL 1500 high density automatic baler can be used for a variety of waste materials including cardboard, paper, dry and wet plastics reducing the volume of these materials by up to 90%. The PEL1500 can also be used as a drum crusher.

  • Automatic Baler - more efficient use of operator time
  • Easy to load
  • Hydraulic bale ejection
  • Low noise levels
  • Retaining claws to prevent spring-back
  • Long stroke cylinders

All PEL Waste Reduction Equipment balers comply with the EN16500:2014 European safety standard for vertical balers released in spring 2015. The Standard provides guidelines on all aspects of baler operation with the main focus on preventing access to the baling or compacting chamber during operation.

The new PEL 1500 model can be used on a variety of waste types. The baler is used for cardboard, plastics, soiled plastics and drums. The 1500 Model will crush a 205 litre drum down to 280mm in height, (a reduction in volume of 3:1). Volume reduction of up to 66% makes the handling of huge barrels much easier. Compacting creates an enormous volume reduction of up to 66%, greatly reducing storage space requirements and transport fees. 

As with all PEL manufactured balers it is easy to load and there is a bale full indicator which shows when a bale has been made. PEL is manufactured to ISO 9001 standards, and is fully CE certified. The baler has low noise levels.

The unit comes complete with fused electrical controls, and a door safety switch. Safety features include a pressure relief valve, which prevents overload and a door interlock system, which will prevent the motor from running unless the door is closed.

The PEL 1500 baler has a re-engineered door which ensures the baler has the capability for heavy duty waste and recycling. The door has improved in both appearance and functionality as it is easier to open. 


The machine comes with heavy duty construction; all structural components are made with steel.  As with all PEL manufactured products, the baler range is heavy duty with excellent finish, primed and powder coated salt resistant coating. 

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