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Model Performance Series - Transmissions



Proven reliability and durability of Eaton Fuller 13- and 18-speed transmissions. Built upon the Fuller 13- and 18-speed manual transmissions, the UltraShift PLUS Performance Series uses an electronic clutch actuator to provide faster shifting and smoother engagement. At idle, it fully engages the clutch giving the driver ultimate control in challenging situations. Intelligent shift selection software uses changes in grade, weight and throttle to calculate the most efficient and effective shift points.


  • Multipurpose High Performance (MHP)
  • Multipurpose Extreme Performance (MXP)


  • Fully automated two-pedal design (no clutch pedal)
  • Electronic Clutch Actuator (ECA) provides smooth engagement
  • On/Off-highway performance design
  • Safety features include auto neutral and Intelligent Hill Start Aid, which prevents roll-back and roll-forward while launching on grades using foundation wheel brakes
  • Automatic, Manual and Low modes offer driver full control
  • Creep Mode
  • Paired to the highest torque engines available today with torque capacities ranging from 1450 lb-ft (1966 Nm) through 2250 lb-ft (3050 Nm)
  • World class startability and ratio coverage
  • Unlimited gross combination weight in 18-speed models

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