Pet Goe


Pet smells gone forever. A natural solution for a cleaner, safer environment for all pets. Ready to use PET GOE cleaning and odour elimination, is one of the most versatile products you'll ever find. Use it as a floor and surface wash, or use it as a spray. Within minutes of application, all pet urine and other odours will disappear. When used as a surface wash, PET GOE also keeps drains clear, eliminating the problems of build up grease, pet hair, etc.

Keeps your animal areas clean and hygienic, reduces flies and insects, leaving an attractive light lemon fragrance. Non hazardous exclusive enzyme action will disinfect and sanitise all surfaces. Does not harm pets, people, plants or marine life. Fully biodegradable, breaks down rapidly in drainage and septic systems. Used exclusively by professional catteries, dog kennels veterinary clinics, pet shops, municipal dog pounds and at cat and dog shows.

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