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- Model WC-100 - Well Cleanup and Heavy Crude


Moving oil from below the earth's surface to above ground recovery is a complicated process with problems far beyond the initial drilling and development of a well. The costs are a fixed capital expenditure based on the depth of the well to be drilled and the type of formation encountered. Management of the well production phase directly impacts the profit of the venture as costs for operating and maintaining the well can vary dramatically.

well. The ability of oil to move through the formation is controlled by the amount of oil that is in place, the type and quality of the oil, the permeability and porosity of the sand, rock and clay that are distributed through the formation and the presence, or lack of energy to push the oil toward the negative pressure area of the well bore.

The second factor is the integrity of the production equipment. The production equipment includes all of the components in contact with the fluids being moved from the formation to the collection tanks, such as, pumps, down hole tubing, casing, above ground piping, valves and fittings and tanks. The equipment is affected daily by age, contamination, treatment chemicals, scale, rust, paraffin, asphalt, temperature, pressure, abrasion storage and maintenance, and a host of other issues that invariably affect the flow dynamics.

Additionally, the area adjacent to the well bore, the production zone, acts as a filtering area that accumulates particulate matter, paraffin and heavy hydrocarbon components that over time reduce or restrict the amount of fluid entry into the well bore All of this adds up to reduced production over time and increased operating cost for maintenance.

PetroFlood™ WC-100 is specifically designed for use in cleaning the production zone around the well bore and the associated production string of tubulars and equipment. Over time this area becomes fouled with rust, paraffin, calcite, asphaltenes and other materials that can reduce flow and production. WC-100 works to clean the entire production area from filter area in the production zone to the storage tanks. When introduced into the well bore and then circulated through the system, WC-100 will come in contact with all of the components and free the buildup that is causing restriction. Further, WC-100 has an affinity for metals and leaves a thin, microscopic layer of protection to reduce the propensity for future accumulation.

Treatment of the filter zone and production string with WC-100 provides a dramatic and economic revitalization of the well, with realized cost savings between 30-40% below conventional methods. The process is simple, economical and effective.  It breaks down the common materials that cause filter area restriction in the production zone including tubulars and equipment. WC-100 reduces contaminants particulate size thus allowing them to readily pass through the system and be collected in the storage tanks, leaving less restriction in the production system.

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