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The SuperSkreen SST internally fed rotary drum sludge thickener units are used to thicken municipal sludge by extraction of free water. The unit is used to thicken both primary and secondary sludges commonly found in municipal wastewater treatment plants. The rotary drum sludge thickener can also be used on industrial sludge applications. The SuperSkreen SST series rotary drum thickener will maximize thickened sludge removal in an easy to maintain unit. The screen material is a barrier by which material larger than the gap or slot size may not pass, allowing the water to continue through while thickening the output sludge.

SuperSkreen SST Design
The internal design utilizes a cylindrical perforated drum with filter cloth for separating coarse suspended solids from the water. The screen may be ordered with several options including custom polymer blend system and PEWE Command Control RX panel.

SuperSkreen SST Operation
The SST influent stream is fed to the screen interior drum surface via an engineered headbox after the incoming sludge has been conditioned with a polymer in the supplied flocculation tank. Clarified effluent then flows through the screen openings and out of the drum through the drainage pan through the flanged outlet. Thickened sludge is then discharged from the interior through a solids discharge chute where it can be directed into a sludge collection tank.

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