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Model PFC series - Metal Spinning Machine


The PFC series offers highly efficient metal forming techniques for the production of V-belt pulleys, starter rings and V-belts. The flexible component forming in one clamping turns the production of high precision or complex drive components into a piece of cake.

The basis for shortest acceleration and deceleration times are the two dynamic main spindle and tailstock drives that have increased power. The additional power, in conjunction with the increased tailstock allows initiating a considerably higher torque during the forming into the poly-V-belt pulleys. A scrape through of the component can be avoided even at high forming rates.

The profiling machines with two tool changers and four roll holders each offer optimal flexibility in the manufacturing process. The rolls can be delivered both individually and in synchronous pairs. Even if a roll is still in the process of transforming the material, a second roll from the other tool changer can already be brought into pre-position. In addition, for the first time a radial or tangential forming with the new tool changer is possible. This leads to a noticeable reduction in the cycle time.


  • seal groove
  • fait and belt pulleys
  • Poly-V Pulleys
  • pulley with sensor gear
  • cleave

  • Outer diameter, min. 50 mm
  • Outer diameter, max. 250 mm
  • Radial force, max. 200 kN
  • Tailstock force 600 kN
  • Tailstock drive 37 kW
  • Tailstock force 62 kN
  • Ejector stroke 60 mm
  • Main spindle drive 37 kW

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