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Model PFSL-G3 - Portable Field Strength Logging and Surveillance System



This portable system is specifically designed for mobile 'drive-by' signal coverage measurements, field strength mapping, mobile surveillance and other similar operations. The unit employs an integrated GPS receiver to display and store geographical coordinates of the measured signal. The logged data include time, date, latitude, longitude and altitude.

The signal level can be measured in µV, dBm or S-units, and field strength can be displayed in µV/m or dBµV/m. Instantaneous, peak or average values can be shown, calculated over user-definable intervals. Either the WR-G313e or the WR-G315e receivers are used by this unit, therefore the frequency range can be from 9 kHz to 1800 MHz.

The contents of the logs have a flexible format, defined by the user, making the data easy to import into popular GIS packages for further processing. A provision also exists to specify the antenna factor of calibrated antennas for various frequencies, to achieve accurate measurements of field strength.

This system is enclosed in a ruggedized easily transported enclosure, which contains the control computer, the receiver and rechargeable battery. It can be powered from three sources: Internal rechargeable batteries, a vehicle's 12V DC power outlet or mains power. Leads to connect to mains and the vehicle power outlet are included. The enclosure features dual fans for cooling and built-in fuses protect system components. The GPS, receiver antenna and power connectors are easily accessible.

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