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Model PGS 300F - Water Management Controller



The PGS 300F controller assigns the standard current signal 0 / 4...20 mA supplied by the sensor to a level expressed in the unit of measurement [m]. Utilizing selectable integrated mathematical functions it is possible to convert the measured level to a quantity Q. When applications demonstrate complex, non-linear mathematical relationships it is possible to utilize PC software to create and transfer a custom linearization via the integrated RS-232 interface. The calculated quantity Q is issued as a pulse via digital output 3, and can be used for external cumulative purposes.

As well as the total quantity the PGS 300F controller provides a clear and unambiguous readout of the measured height, flow rate and utilization of the measurement range expressed in percent. The value of the analogue output changes in line with this scaling, with 100 % corresponding to 20 mA at the output.

It is possible to display limit values above both measured level values (channel 1 and channel 2), which can then be assigned to relay 1 and relay 2 to suit requirements.

Uninterrupted monitoring of the measurement system facilitates a high level of operational reliability. Fault states – wire breaks or short-circuits – corresponding to falling below the programmed zero point or exceeding the permitted input current are displayed in clear text as well as indicated as a potential-free fault signal. For user convenience it is possible to configure all functions in a menu-assisted environment using just three buttons (excludes linearization) – eliminating the need for an additional programming device. A separate DC voltage source supplies the requisite auxiliary power supply to the sensors.


The PGS 300F controller is deployed together with one or two sensors capable of supplying standard 0 or 4-20 mA current signals (e.g. submersible transmitters ETG) to offer a versatile, intelligent decentralised control solution designed for use in all areas of water management where in addition to easy operation and high levels of operational reliability precise determination of flow rates in open flumes and a linearization function are required.

Operating voltage

230 V / 50 Hz or
24 VDC and 24 VAC

Measuring ranges
- 0... 9.9999 (units selectable)
- 0... 9999.9 (units selectable)
Measurement error

< +/- 1.5 % F.S.

  • Graphic display of measurement values
  • All parameters displayed in plain text
  • Linearization for open flumes: V-notch/rectangular weirs, venturi/parschall flumes and so forth
  • Custom linearization function
  • Integrated auxiliary power source
  • 2 analogue inputs 0/4... 20 mA
  • 2 analogue outputs 0/4... 20 mA
  • Max./min. value recording (indicator) including time stamp
  • Selectable menu language
  • Evaluate SD card archive (option)

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