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Model PHEB Series - Pioneer Heat External Dryer with Blower



The Pioneer PHE Series has an electric heater to raise the temperature of purge air. The higher the temperature, the greater the capacity of air to absorb moisture, thus heating of the purge air reduces the volume of dry air required for regeneration.

Purge air is heated by an industrial quality, low-watt density long-life electric heater. The heater is in a tube through which purge air flows in an unrestricted manner and insures uniform heat distribution. The heater element does not come in contact with the desiccant which prevents physical deterioration of the desiccant material.

PHE dryers are simple in design, easy to maintain and reduce the purge air requirement in the 4-6% range. This feature makes them particularly suitable for installations where a limited compressor capacity is available. A typical -40°F PDP dryer system uses an eight-hour cycle: four hours drying, three hours/tower heating, fifty-five minutes/tower cooling and five minutes repressurization. NEMA 4 Electrical is standard. The heater, hot air lines, dryer vessel, etc. are covered with insulation for maximum efficiency. Moreover, the insulation enhances the safety of the equipment. For durability the insulation is covered with a protective aluminum jacket. PHE dryers are available in sizes up to 800 SCFM (PHE800).

Because purge air is needed at near atmospheric pressure, use of a blower for purging is ideal, especially in larger drying systems. Since compressed air is not needed for drying, the blower option allows plants with limited compressor capacity to have nominal -40°F/-40°C PDP protection. A properly sized and installed system can deliver dewpoints down to -80°F/-62°C. Use of a blower is highly recommended in drying gases like natural gas, or whenever it is not desirable to purge gas into the atmosphere for reasons of safety or cost. By using dry air for cooling the desiccant, the PIONEER design virtually eliminates dewpoint spikes.

Desiccant is factory filled through phe/PHEB 800; shipped separate in larger sizes.

Standard voltage is 460 VAC/3 Phase/60 Hertz; nonstandard available.

Cycle time is 8 hours: 4 hours drying, 3 hours heating, 55 minutes cooling and 5 minutes repressurization.

  • · Generous Desiccant Quantities
  • · Low Air Velocities
  • · Longer Contact Time
  • · Low Purge Rates
  • · Longer Cycle Times
  • · Non-lube Valves
  • · ASME Vessels–75 SCFM and larger
  • · Stainless Steel Supports and Screens
  • · Pressure Equalization (before switch over)–prevents desiccant bumping and powdering
  • · Desiccant Fill and Drain Ports
  • · Control Air Filter
  • · Tower Pressure Gauges
  • · Dual Pressure Relief Valves
  • · Purge Mufflers
  • · Purge Adjustment and Purge Flow Indicator
  • · NEMA 4/12 Electrical
  • · Power On/Off Switch
  • · Power On Indicator
  • · Failure to Shift Alarm
  • · In addition, the PHEB Series features:
    • · Highly Reliable Positive Displacement Blower
    • · Belt Guard
    • · Two-Step Depressurization–To minimize desiccant bumping
    • · Blower Protection–Blower is protected from high pressure by a blower check valve
    • · and a pressure relief valve.
    • · >Expansion Joint–Helps eliminate vibration from blower and provides quieter operation
  • · Mr. Best Aire Filtration (Economy, Silver, Gold or Diamond)
  • · Programmable Logic Controller (PLC)
  • · -80°F/-62.2°C or -100°F/73.3°C Nominal PDP
  • · Visual Moisture Indicator
  • · High Humidity Alarm
  • · Purge Flow Meter
  • · Demand Cycle Control
  • · Dewpoint Analyzer
  • · All Pneumatic Control
  • · Audible Alarms
  • · High Pressure Dryers
  • · Low Pressure Dryers
  • · Filters, Mounted/Unmounted
  • · NEMA 7 Electrical
  • · By-pass Arrangement
  • · Nonstandard Voltage
  • · Diagnostic Control Panel

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